Yuexiu House Trust Won the Award “HongKong Outstanding Enterprise”from Economic Digest
Release Date:2014-11-07 11:08:39

Recently, Yuexiu House Trust Fund won the award "HongKong Outstanding Enterprises of 2014" conferred by the representative and authoritative magazine of Hong Kong, Economic Digest. What is noteworthy is, this is already the seventh year that House Trust got this award in succession, which fully shows Yuexiu House Trust's strength has won the affirmation from the trade and the experts in the financial circle.

On October 28, Yuexiu House Trust joined the prize presenting activity "HongKong Outstanding Enterprises Parade of 2014" held by the magazine at Conrad Hong Kong Hotel. The award is given to 36 excellent enterprises chosen from many enterprises this year, including China Resources Enterprise Limited, COSCO Pacific Limited, MTR Corporation, Kaisa Group, Yuexiu Transport and so on. "HongKong Outstanding Enterprises Parade", as a great event once a yearly, aims to commend a batch of enterprises that have outstanding achievements, good management and very high popularity with investors in Hong Kong. Since the annexation of IFC Guangzhou, Yuexiu House Trust Fund's performance has been going up steadily. IFC Guangzhou has further enhanced its core competitive power through improving its service experience, and its unit price of rent remains to be the standard of the trade. At the same time, the hotel's apartment is very outstanding. Its record of occupancy rate is growing ideally, and the hotel's room rate, REVPAR etc rank No. 1 in the same trade of Guangzhou, which has been highly praised by Economic Digest.

Not long ago, Yuexiu House Trust was interviewed by Economic Digest, and they say, looking ahead, the Corporation will continue to improve its present asset projects, optimize the tenant structure and keep a good relationship with the clients。 At the same time, they will follow out the business mission "Requiting to the Shareholders, Requiting to the Employees, and Requiting to the Society", and continue to bring about stable return for the fund unit holders。