The Group’s Safety Committee Held the Second (Enlarged) Meeting in 2014
Release Date:2014-08-11 12:01:50

On the afternoon of Aug。 8, the Group’s Safety Committee held the second(enlarged) meeting time in 2014 in the conference room on the 11th floor of IFC。 About 100 attendees were members of Safety Committee, Internal Security Leading Team, Safety Committee Office and Internal Security Office, as well as major directors of different sectors and subordinate units, and security managers attended the meeting。

The meeting conveyed the written speech by Zhu Chunxiu, General Manager of the Group, who proposed three requirements in the speech: First, strengthen safety awareness for clear understanding of safe production situation faced by the Group; Second, fully implement the principal responsibility of enterprise safe production according to laws and regulations; Third, reinforce the foundation to further enhance the ability to guarantee safety development of the Group。

Tan Sima, Vice President of the Group, gave the report of "Summary for Safety in the First Half of 2014 and Arrangements for the Second Half of 2014 of Yuexiu Holding Limited". The safety work in the first half of 2014 of the Group focused on the central task of "reform and innovation for strength, transformation and upgrading for leap-forward", with the theme of "abiding according to laws and regulations and standardizing management", to highlight the success of three key tasks of "consolidation of safety standardization results, safety technology guarantee investment and grassroots ability construction": First, earnestly implement safety laws, regulations and standards to further consolidate the results of safety standardization system construction; Second, ensure the effective implementation of safety technology guarantee investment, to continuously improve the conditions for safe production; Third, strengthen the construction of grassroots ability for safe production to enhance the ability of safety guarantee. The Group's safe production situation has been steadily improved, creating favorable conditions for the central tasks. While affirming the achievements, Mr. Tan specifically analyzed and pointed out some existing problems and shortcomings, and arranged the four aspects of work for the second half of the year: First, ensure the investment and improve emphasis to fully implement corrective measures for targeted safety risks; Second, strengthen safety governance according to laws and regulations to further consolidate the results of safety standardization system construction; Third, strengthen the construction of grassroots ability for safe production to further reinforce the foundation of safety management; Fourth, establish a linkage mechanism for prevention and treatment to fully enhance the safety management level, implement safe production responsibility system at all levels, and continuously improve the performance of safe production, to ensure realization of the annual safety goal.

The meeting arranged "Yuexiu Property Zhongjiang Company " and "Guangzhou Securities Zhuhai Business Department" to report and exchange the work of deepening safety standardization, and arranged Guangzhou Paper Group to report and exchange the work of strengthening internal safety of enterprise, to promote mutual learning and common improvement.