Why porn pics are not allowed in TV show

Have you ever asked yourself why porn pictures on https://www.imageweb.ws are not allowed in TV show? In this article I am going to answer this question by listing the two main reasons:

Although most of the TV shows have an age restriction, we all know it’s not very respected. In fact, tons of children watch these forbidden TV shows because their parents don’t really care about this and even if they do, the kids do this anyways because it is cool to watch something that is prohibited (“The forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.”). So, what will happen with the children if the porn pictures were actually allowed? The kids are easily manipulable and most of them are influenced by what they see on the television.

If a child sees a porn picture, at first, his interest will be tickled – “What is this? Why are they all naked? What are they doing? etc.” The time for this questions has not come yet. The other thing that will happen is different for the boys and for the girls. When a little boy sees hd porn clips at http://www.porntrex.com, he will think that it’s normal for the women to show their naked bodies. Also in porn, the women are mostly shown as the weaker gender, which could lead to a sexism in the young children minds. For the girls, when they see woman, dressed more nakedly, they will might think that this is the best way to get a boyfriend than enjoy porn pics. This is problematic because in the future, the girls will might be living a debauched life.


In the past couple of thousand years, we have developed a world in which there are some significant norms. These norms should be respected. One of them is the way we think about nudity and sexuality. That’s why we wear clothes and we don’t have sex in public like animals. Most of the people are watching TV shows and it will be a disregard to the rules we imposed if the porn pictures were allowed.

Imagine if these kind of pictures were allowed – nudity and sexuality will be considered as something normal and not private. This will lead to lots of problems such as: people who have sex in public, more and more nudists, pornography and many others. The TV shows are not the place for porn pics because they are public, and as I said, the nudity and the sexuality should be private as the norms of the society say that.